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How A SeeAll Works


30 Day Money Back

SeeAll Sights look, work, and function better than we can show, or talk about. Our way of letting you determine your opinion on them is with a 30 day money back guarantee! If you don't love your sight send it back, and we will refund your money!

What Makes Us Different

SeeAll Sights make shooting open sights, easier, brighter, stronger, and more accurate. Taking the place of iron sights, red dots, or similar short range sights. SeeAll Sights have no batteries, or electronics, and in place we offer a tritium lit option. The use of the tritium directly behind the reticle is a patented design that only we do. Using a SeeAll you can keep both eyes open allowing a wide field of view, and perfect clarity of the sight and target. Our durable CNC machined aluminum body is manufactured in Idaho, and is designed to handle drops, bumps, and recoil! SeeAll Sights can be used on any application that has a rail, or a Trijicon RMR optics plate. No waisted time lining anything up, or turning anything on, simply pull up, and put the delta point on what you want to hit. If its on the target then it has lined up everything for you! head position, and gun position in reference to the user isn't critical.

Pin Point

Clarity, and pin point accuracy keeps your groups tight! You don't have to cover your target with your reticle using a SeeAll.

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What is Tritium?

Mk3 Pistol Sight

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About Us

Oversight Shooting Tech. is owned, and operated by the Capson Family. Yes that's correct a family owned, and operated company!

Our journey started in archery many years ago looking to make an archery sight that didn't require a peep sight. After many failed attempts, and hours of sleep lost Ron Capson came up with the No Peep. Later this company was sold, and is now called the IQ Sight. (one of the top selling archery sights). Developing the No Peep sight enlightened us that this technology belonged on a gun, so in 2008 we started on prototypes. After several renditions of what we envisioned Oversight Shooting Tech. was formed in 2012, and the first SeeAll Open Sight was released. 

Reticle Options Rail Mounted Sights

Delta (triangle) reticle works great for many applications. Its the desired reticle for a simple single point, and has quick follow up due to its larger size. The line off either side is at a 10 degree angle. This helps your eye go to the top faster, and helps with the pin point to aim off.

Crosshair reticle was designed for anyone looking to compensate for bullet drop. This is an open sight, so usually its used on something like a 10/22, crossbow, muzzleloader, or a slug gun. Each line is about 10MOA apart. As you raise your head the lines will scroll off the top of the optic, and allow you to use the next line down.