Mk2 - Micro Rail Sight

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Mk2 Micro Sight

Our Mk2 SeeAll Open Sight is everything you are looking for in an open sight! Unlike other manufactures we leave the batteries out of our products, and still offer the best lighting on the market! See your sight picture perfectly with a full body of edge glow to gather light, and optional tritium dual illumination!


  • Full body edge glow for light gathering 

  • Simple quick disconnect mounting system

  • 1.4 ounces 

  • Quick sight acquisition

  • Pin point accuracy

  • 150+ inches of adjustment to zero in to your gun

  • Parallax free sighting system

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Fits all standard picatinny, or weaver rails  

Mounting Your SeeAll Open Sight

Our Mk2 SeeAll Open Sight mounts to a standard picatinny rail system. Set the sight on your rail at the desired location, push the clamp over against the rail, and then tighten the thumb nut. 


Body is constructed of a CNC cut 6061 aluminum that has been anodized

Guts, and optic are acrylic for the best lighting, and durability 

100% Made In The USA!

Comes with the Sight, and Allen Key that adjusts the sight.


  • 1.52 inch wide including thumb nut 1 inch not including thumb nut

  • 2 inches long

  • Weight 1.4 ounces

  • .78 inches tall, .58 above rail when mounted

  • Standard picatinny cut 



Customer Reviews

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David M
Compact and effective.

I’ve now shot my Ruger Mark IV and a brand new Henry H001 with the Mk2 Micro Rail Sight. It mounted directly onto my Mark IV pic rail, and I bought a 1” long .22 rail to pic rail adapter to mount the SeeAll to the Henry. I have an astigmatism and old eyes so I have difficulty shooting with standard open sights these days. It was really simple to sight in (took about 5 shots), I shot both the Mark IV and Henry very well with the SeeAll. I prefer it on the Henry, so that’s where it is going to stay. I think I would prefer a red dot (I have several Sig Romeo 5’s) but they are much bigger and bulkier than the SeeAll, and really are kinda ugly on the Henry. I didn’t give it 5 stars because the green background that the delta (triangle) is visible on is not a clean smooth background and does distract from finding a target. No problem if shooting steel, but for shooting bullseye targets or tree rats (real or on a paper target) a clean green background would be preferable. Still, it works great, looks good and seems to be robust. Almost ideal.

David Benoit
Mk2 Micro Rail Sight

As an old guy, this sight is awesome, in NH hunting in heavy brush it hard to use a scope, this sight opens up my field of view without wearing glasses… for the first time I have something I can really use.

Will this mount on a fnx hand gun

Does this mount on an fnx

Jeffrey Whitehead
Great sight, easy to use.

This is my second SeeAll sight, but it's my first Mk2.
I mounted it on a Ruger PC Carbine. I love it and the low profile makes it super easy to use. Accuracy is very good and adjustment is simple.
Mine was shipped in a small green plastic case in a plastic shipping bag. Unfortunately the green case popped open during shipment and the sight and all associated parts were loose and rattling around in the bag. The sight was fine except for a couple very minor cosmetic marks that didn't affect performance. The SeeAll folks need to use something more substantial than a small circle of clear tape to hold the green case closed.

Johnny Row
Great forward mount sight!

Ordered for shotgun. While waiting for mount to arrive, put sight on mini 14 with scout rail. Great set up! Better than red dot in my opinion as sight is far less bulky and obtrusive, but still quick and visible at night. Now I have to order another for the shotgun.