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The first of its kind in open-sight shooting technology

The unique, single-element design means precise eye position is no longer necessary. Even if your eye is off-center with the sight or even the gun’s barrel, the bullet will strike where the crosshair is centered. Just pick up your target, and the sight will do the rest. This is one reason that the See-All Open Sight is a favorite with young people and new shooters of any age. The learning curve is almost non-existent.

Faster than... a speeding bullet!

Whether you’re shooting clays on the range, ducks from a blind or deer on the river bottom, speed is the name of the game. Time isn't wasted worrying about precise eye alignment over the barrel, because the single-element lens of the See All Open Sight automatically centers the crosshair recticle with the gun’s point of impact. You’ll simply be able to shoulder your gun, pick up the target and place your shot faster - with precise accuracy – than ever before.

Rain, snow and low light? Bring it on.

The single plane of focus combined with an edge glow reticle, means that when you’re hunting in low light, you have a double advantage over traditional iron sights. Available light fills the fiber optic element with a fluorescent green that makes the crosshairs visible, but does not wash out the target. And since it’s all in focus simultaneously, you’ll be able to place a shot more accurately than ever.

Never have to worry about dead batteries, fog, rain or even an accidental dip in the river. The open, single-element, solid-state design means that if you can see the target, you’ll also be able to see it in your sight picture. And don’t worry about knocking this sight out of alignment. It’s built to be bumped, knocked around and dropped without affecting function or accuracy. This sight is up to the task, no matter how far in the backcountry you end up.

100% Money Back Guarantee

30 day - 100% Money Back Guarantee with proof of purchase. Lifetime Replacement on Materials and Workmanship. If the original owner has a part break for any reason, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge.

Blackpowder Hunting and NSSF Competition Compliant

In many Western states optical sights aren’t allowed on blackpowder hunts. But that doesn’t affect our customers. Since a See All Open Sight isn’t an optical sight (the target is not viewed or enhanced optically, only the sight recticle is) it’s legal any where open sights with fiber optic elements are. (Find your state's regulations here.) And because the MOA is line of sight (meaning if you could see a dime at 100 yards, you could put the crosshair in the center of it) you may have an advantage with a See All Open Sight, but it won't disqualify you.