Mk1 Micro SeeAll Open Sight

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Mk1 Micro SeeAll Open Sight 

Our Micro SeeAll Open Sight is what you are looking for in an open sight! Unlike other manufactures we leave the batteries out of our products, and still offer the best lighting on the market! See your sight picture perfectly with a full body of edge glow to gather light, and optional tritium dual illumination!


  • Full body edge glow for light gathering 

  • Simple mounting system

  • .8 ounces 

  • Quick sight acquisition

  • Pin point accuracy

  • 150+ inches of adjustment to zero in to your gun

  • Parallax free sighting system

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Fits all standard picatinny rails  

Mounting Your SeeAll Open Sight

Our Micro SeeAll Open Sight mounts to a standard picatinny rail system. Slide the sight on from either end of the rail, tighten both set screws evenly on both sides using the allen key provided. (5/64) 


Body is constructed of a CNC cut 6061 aluminum that has been anodized

Guts, and optic are acrylic for the best lighting, and durability 

100% Made In The USA!

Included in the package is your Sight, and a Allen Key that adjusts the sight as well as tightens the mounting screws.


  • 1 inch wide

  • 1.8 inches long

  • Weight .8 ounces

  • .78 inches tall, .58 above rail when mounted

  • Standard picatinny cut 



Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Mk1 Micro sight

Put on KelTec [****] pistol, fits great, had to take off front sight to access rail end, not a problem. Shoots very accurately, easy to use. I have the delta tritium. I have 4 of the various new models of sights now, am getting more for other applications. I am left eye dominant and right handed, so these allow me to shoot with both eyes open and can use my dominant eye when shooting either right or left handed. Easy to see and shoot even for "older" eyes that don't see open sights so well anymore.

Mk1 Micro sight

Great sight, weighs 1.2 oz by my scale with small nut. Allows my KelTec PMR30 to shoot flawlessly with CCI Maxi-Mag 40gr hp ammo.

Paul M

I originally ordered the MK2 and stacked it on top of a 1” riser for an AR9.
I liked it so much I ordered the MK1 micro to mount on a CAA MCK chassis.
I did have difficulty finding the reticle the first three times but once you see it you know how to use it.
I am so happy with both SeeAll sights I am going to get rid of my red dots.

Kevin K
Give more time before asking for a review, please read for detail

When I saw the idea of a sight that worked similar to a reflex sight but without electronics I had to have it.

I ordered it with the intention of mounting it on my KelTec CMR-30. If you would have waited a few weeks before sending the email requesting the review I would have given you 5 stars but since you requested this right after I received the sight and then again today I only gave it 4.

Here is why:
The sight is too low. I didn't "read" anywhere on your website or in the documentation that you will probably need a picatinny riser for most rifles or carbines. Well you do need this, the sight is too low as it is out of the box. I understand this gives you flexibility as you can always raise the sight but lowering it isn't an option.

Speaking of documentation, there is none. Just some videos.

OK, so here goes the constructive criticism. Videos are a great "supplement" to documentation but will NEVER replace a written manual, quick start guide or written documentation. I understand there is a fad by smaller, fly-by-night companies that only do videos but when all you have is videos this is the message you send to your customers. "We are small. We are going to make our money and then disappear or we are going to get sued for a patent violation or we didn't get a good enough lawyer for a patent so this product is doomed".

Come on guys. You have a fantastic product that allows for quick target acquisition and is extremely accurate, durable and easy to install/adjust. If you want to shoot with both eyes open or only 1 you can. No scope to knock out of alignment. No batteries that need replaced. No worries that you turned the sight off or turned on before you hunt or that the batteries will die right at that magic moment. You have a VERY CLEVER design that I have not seen anywhere else.

With that being said give yourselves some credit and your product the credit it deserves. Just a 1 page quick start PDF is great and gives you credibility. Also, if you are going to do videos, do them as a supplement to this documentation, not in lieu of documentation. Also, you should hire a marketing firm to do your videos and the graphics/quick start pdf. Your product deserves this attention/professional level or documentation/marketing collateral and so does your company. The current videos that you have do not do enough for your product and could be much higher quality if just a little more money is spent on an outside firm.

This is a fantastic product that I am sold on. I bought 2 more after finally getting my picatinny riser that I needed and sighted it in on my CMR-30. 1 for a Charter Arms revolver and another for my dad to try on his 350 Legend AR15 for deer season in Ohio. I told him if he doesn't like it to please send it back to me for my AR15. If he likes it and I am guessing he will, then I will be buying another, which is a total of 4 from me.

Keep up the good work. Invest more into your product as it deserves it and I hope that this takes off.

I hope this review is received well and that it helps.

Better in every way

The new Micro sights are better in every way than the originals. Smaller, just as bright, and better mounting now. The best thing is the one allen wrench size for everything. I didn't get the tritium, these are just the regular ones.