Mk1 Micro SeeAll Open Sight

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Micro SeeAll Open Sight 

Our Micro SeeAll Open Sight is everything you are looking for in an open sight! Unlike other manufactures we leave the batteries out of our products, and still offer the best lighting on the market! See your sight picture perfectly with a full body of edge glow to gather light, and optional tritium dual illumination!


  • Full body edge glow for light gathering 

  • Simple mounting system

  • .8 ounces 

  • Quick sight acquisition

  • Pin point accuracy

  • 150+ inches of adjustment to zero in to your gun

  • Parallax free sighting system

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Fits all standard picatinny, or weaver rails  

Mounting Your SeeAll Open Sight

Our Micro SeeAll Open Sight mounts to a standard picatinny, or weaver rail system. Slide the sight on from either end of the rail, tighten both set screws evenly on both sides using the allen key provided. (5/64) 


Body is constructed of a CNC cut 6061 aluminum that has been anodized

Guts, and optic are acrylic for the best lighting, and durability 

100% Made In The USA!

Comes with the Sight, and a Allen Key that adjusts the sight, and mounts the sight. 


  • 1 inch wide

  • 1.8 inches long

  • Weight .8 ounces

  • .78 inches tall, .58 above rail when mounted

  • Standard picatinny cut 



Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Edward Biasi
Great sight

I wanted something fast and easy to see. I really like that it has no batteries to fail and is easy to see in most all light conditions. As far as no light is concerned, a wml lights up the fiber optics enough for good use. Sight in and set up was easy. The delta (triangle) option is fast on target and very easy to get used to. Thanks for making a great product.

Some Guy
A touch too small

Mounted on a Ruger 22/45. It looks amazing, but is slower to aquire than the original.
I was unable to use it on a 45° offset for my AR-15 without adding a riser, because of the lower profile.
This is my first tritium powered see-all, and it is a game changer in low light situations.

Steve Wright
Works great!

I ordered this specifically for my air rifle. Normal rifle Scopes will break, but this is indestructible.
I have one for a shotgun, rifle, pistol, and now air rifle... Love it!

Noah Richwine

Micro SeeAll Open Sight

Bill Milburn

Micro SeeAll Open Sight