Refurbished/Blem Sights Mk3 Pistol Plate System

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Sights that have been returned, scratched, or other small blemishes are categorized as refurbished. All products are 100% functional, have been inspected, or rebuilt, and come in new packaging. Refurbished sights come with a Lifetime Warranty on parts, and workmanship, but are NOT offered with a 30 day money back. Very Limited Number of Units Available.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Brian Crawford
pistol optic

Works well
Takes a little time to adjust to it from irons or red dots.

James Peterson
Great sight for the money

I can't see the blem on this sight if there was one.

I haven't had a chance to take it out and see how it performs but I am expecting nothing but the best from it.

Joe McClain
Great sight

Great sight. Everything is supposed to be. Easy to install. Fun to use. Tough as hell.

Hosea Dickerson
Want fit

Will not work on my S D 9 VE Smith and Wesson plate not wide enough have any suggestions

Charles Shepherd
Love them

I have a tritium lit triangle plate setup on my Canik tp9sfx & a non-tritium rail mounted crosshair setup on my Both came out of the box sighted in perfect & zero problems after 100s & even 1,000 of rounds out of my 22! My go to