Mk3 Pistol Sight Plate System

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Must Have Trijicon RMR Optics Plate System!

MK3 Sight Using RMR Plate System

Our new Mk3 Sight is a great option for a pistol sight! Unlike other manufactures we leave the batteries out of our products, and still offer the best lighting on the market! See your sight picture perfectly with a full body of edge glow to gather light, and our patented tritium placement directly behind the reticle for dust/dark situations. 


  • Dual Illumination

  • Smallest profile in its class

  • Quick sight acquisition 

  • Pin point accuracy

  • 150 inches of windage, and elevation adjustment

  • Parallax free sighting system

  • Simple installation

  • Lifetime warranty 

Mk3 Mounting Options

The Mk3 Tritium Lit Sight mounts using the most widely used optic plate offered. THE Trijicon RMR CUT. Place the sight onto the RMR optics plate cut, insert the two screws on either side, tighten them down with the provided allen key, and you are ready to go! Yes it can be mounted in the time it took you to read the steps! Also we bore sight the sights before they are packaged, so you will only have to make small adjustments. Does NOT work on the new RMRcc Cut. 

Dual Illumination 

What is dual illumination? Dual Illumination is when you have two sources of light in a single sight. Our Mk3 Tritium Lit Sight has been redesigned to have the most edge glow light gathering material we have ever offered. This edge glow will take light from all directions, and transmit that light to your reticles edge. This new design works so well that if you have any light (even a full moon) hitting the sight you will be able to see the reticle. The second part of that dual illumination is our patented tritium placement. We have a vile of tritium directly behind the reticle that will give you the same bright sight picture as you had during the day! A true battery free 24 hour sight!!

SeeAll VS Micro Red-Dot

Why buy a SeeAll Over a red dot? Well there are a lot of reasons, and here are a few of them! 

Our Sight weighs under 1 ounce, red dots weigh over a ounce

Our Sight has no electronics, or batteries. Red dot sights have these unreliable parts. 

Our Sight is constructed out of anodized aluminum, and acrylic ready for anything you might put it through. Red dots are made out of plastic. 

This Mk3 Pistol Sight is the smallest sight in its class only measuring 1 inch wide, 1.8 inches long, and only .58 inches tall. Usually closer to .48 tall when you mount the sight into an optics cut!

Our Sight is fully adjustable, and unlike a red dot you can aim off the point of the delta. Rather than covering your point of impact with a big red dot. 


Our Sight has a built in racking point making a quick, and easy experience when using it for speed, or simple plinking. 

Finally Oversight Shooting offers a lifetime warranty on our products, because they are built to work, last, and perform! 


Body is constructed of a CNC cut 6061 aluminum that has been anodized

Guts, and optic are acrylic for the best lighting, and durability 

100% Made In The USA!

Comes with an allen key, and two mounting screws


  • 1 inch wide

  • 1.8 inches long

  • .58 inches tall

  • Weight .8 ounces

  • Tritium Life 15-20 Years

  • Comes with two screws, and an allen key

  • Works on anything with the Trijicon RMR optics plate

Plate Adapter Links

Mk3 will mount onto the same plate as the Trijicon RMR Red Dot Sight. Any system that says it is compatible with the RMR sights will also be compatible with the SeeAll Mk3 Sight

Doesn't fit the Zaffiri Precision Glock Slide, Or Swenson Optics Slide

Outerimpact Optics Adapters 

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Chris Stephens
Too low

Bought the sight designed for my FNX tactical 45. The sight sits too low and is blocked by the factory rear sight. Just not designed well.

PDP is a great gun, and SeeAll is the great sight it needed

I did extensive research before choosing the new Walther PDP, and its optics-ready capability with the Trijicon RMR plate matched the SeeAll perfectly. The sight picture is sharp, and I can see it with both eyes open. I haven't shot with the sight yet, but I am looking forward to it.

Larry Spitale

Having trouble bringing it Delta point in the focus hopefully it will get better when I practice more

Cesar Valtierra
Mk3 glock plate mount

Beautiful amazing love it target hits up to 100 yards quick acquisition after practice only with my laser barrel mount live rounds 400 out of 400 all targets

Undecided, so middle for now

I haven't done a live fire with this sight yet, but have dry practiced. I own several other SeeAll sights and this one seems to be tougher for quick target acquisition.
Most likely due to the smaller format, the triangle can be tough to pick up. Small outlying arrows may help determining the direction you need to go and hit the triangle point.